Extended Dynamic Range Processing for Nature Photographers

Join award-winning outdoor photographer, Sean Bagshaw, for a day-long workshop in the advanced digital photo processing techniques he uses to help make his high dynamic range landscape, nature and travel photographs possible. This advanced level class will delve into various techniques of extending dynamic range in scenes with challenging high dynamic range light. Note that this is not a class on how to use HDR software. The processes in this class are all based on Photoshop adjustments and layer masking techniques and consistently produce higher quality and more realistic results than current HDR software.

Coast Sunrise/ Sean Bagshaw

Coast Sunrise/ Sean Bagshaw

To get the most out of this workshop you should already know how to:

  • Make basic RAW image adjustments before opening into Photoshop.
  • Utilize a non-destructive Photoshop workflow including basic cloning, perspective control, color balance, contrast, localized creative adjustments and prepping images for web and print.
  • Use layers and masks for the greatest non-destructive creative control in your image processing.
  • People who have taken the Fine Art Digital Workflow For Nature Photographers class will be appropriately prepared.

Topics this workshop will cover:

  • RAW processing for extended dynamic range and tonal balance
  • Using Shadow/Highlight adjustments for tonal balance.
  • Luminosity masking for targeted tonal adjustments.
  • Using the camera histogram for correct bracketing of exposures.
  • Blending double processed RAW images for extended dynamic range.
  • Blending multiple exposures for creating extended dynamic range images.
  • Using channel layers to create highly detailed masks for blending and selections.
  • Comparing exposure blending with different HDR software options.


April 10. 2011, 9 am   $ 120




Maximal 18 Persons


Cascade Center of Photography

at Christian Heeb’s Studio and Showroom 390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 110, Bend, Oregon.

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To Register:

Reserve your space by phone 541-241-2266
sign up by email: workshops@Heebphoto.com
or use this form:


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