Portrait and Family Photography

Capturing captivating images of friends and family will be easy after you’ve attended this workshop. Go over available light, using flash photography and composition to take better pictures inside and outside, with or without a professional camera. We will do a lot of shoot work with our cameras, have a professional model and /or use classmates.

Participants should know the ins and outs of their camera in preparation for this workshop. Attending “How Does My Camera Work” is recommended.

Family Photography © Chris Mather
This introductory class will be taught by, well-known Central Oregon photographer, Chris Mather and takes  approximately 3 hours.


May 14.  2011, 2 pm, Price $65

May 21.  2011, 2 pm, Price $65


Maximal 12 Persons


Drake Park

To Register:

Reserve your space by phone 541-241-2266
sign up by email: workshops@Heebphoto.com
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